Hi! I’m Matias Benedetto

A curious person that works as a developer with passion about technology, and human communication

Hi! I’m Matias Benedetto

I’m 30, and I work as a software developer and teacher based in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. I live in La Boca, a popular antique neighborhood of the city, famous for the Tango, the port at the riverside of the Río de la Plata and the glorious Boca Juniors football club.

Something about me

I think that curiosity is my best characteristic, so I’m glad when I’m challenged trying to learn new things. Since I was a child, I love technology and arts. At that time I had a frequent daydream about making robots and complex machines to do things, so I was frequently messing around with discarded devices found somewhere trying to fix the broken stuff or struggling to do inventions like a crazy scientist. When I grew up a few more years, I discovered programming, and I saw in it the real possibility to achieve my old desire of giving a new life to the machines. There was possible to write all kinds of programs that I could build with my own hands (giving, by the way, relief to my parents that would not have to see more old devices scattered over there).

My initiation in programming

I’m doing programming since I was 12 years old. I started doing HTML pages with lots of exciting gif animations found on the web of that times. I don’t even think that was related to the programming then, it just felt like an excellent occupation for times where I was bored.  My further steps were with a pirated CD of Visual Basic 6 that I bought (at home we had dial-up internet yet, and the access to software was difficult), with which I could write some simple but functional office programs.

Some years later with some experience on my shoulders and my fist broadband connection (256kbits/s) due to my growing interest in the world wide web, I came to PHP and it their usual stack MySQL and Apache, so I started to mess around with it, trying to build an internet forum for my neighborhood. The forum never works-out but was a fine excuse to learn the new language. A few months later, at the age of 18, I get my first paid programming freelance job to make a CMS from scratch for a local newspaper. The CMS resulted very fine and was adopted by other local newspapers aftermath.

At that time also came to my hands something that seems like a mysterious technology for me, GNU Linux. Ubuntu had sent me 3 cd’s with the Ubuntu 6.0 flavors; I was very excited about that. I get fascinated with the alternative world of Linux, and since then, after a couple of years with Mandriva in the middle, I’m an Ubuntu Linux happy user.

Something about my work

After that, I have been working on several projects both as a freelancer and as a long-term employee. Also, I have worked on some side projects that have engaged me, always trying to learn new things and push my limits up. Here you can read my full resume and know some of my projects.

Thanks for reading!