Launching a new cinema billboard for Buenos Aires

I'm launching a new billboard site with all the showtimes for the theaters of Buenos Aires.

Launching a new cinema billboard for Buenos Aires

The tech stack of the website is composed by docker-compose acting like orchestra director of all the services of the app. These services are:

  • A data scraper and consumer made with Node, Cheerio, and Mongoose that process, and stores the data in a mongo database.
  • A backend composed by an API Rest that exposes the data for the frontend. The backend is made with Node, Express, Mongoose, and Mongo.
  • A frontend that consumes the data provided by the backend. Is made with NextJS.

At this moment the app shows all the movie showtimes for Buenos Aires. In the near future, the app will include data from other cities around the globe and beautiful statistics about the movies and their presence in the screens of each city.

You can visit it at: