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I work as a developer and teacher, with passion for technology, and human communication. I think that curiosity is my best characteristic, so I’m happy when I’m challenged to learn new things.

If you want to know more about me, you can read my full presentation. Here you could know more about my professional work as a developer. I professionally worked on software development since I was 18 years old. Trough my career I had worked with several technologies with a special focus on the web. Nowadays I’m looking for more exciting projects where I could contribute and learn new things in the path of delivering excellent products for the users.

Personal Data:

Matias Benedetto

30 years old
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Work experience:

Frontend Engineer at Ipsy

Period: 2019 – now

2019 | Frontend Engineer for one of the largest beauty companies in the US. Working on a daily basis providing e-commerce solutions with Node, React, GraphQl.

Frontend developer at Turner Broadcasting (Warner Media)

Period: 2019

High demand and high performance internationalized web apps in one of the largest media companies in the world. My work is done mainly with a Javascript stack: Node, React, Webpack, Babel, Docker and several internal and external API’s.

Projects working here:

Cartoon Network – Internationalized progressive web app

2018 | The building of the new app’s frontend based in a JavaScript stack: React, Node, Express, Babel, Webpack, Sass and consuming several internal and external APIs to show personalized contents to each of our users. The app is designed to support high traffic coming from all over the world and is optimized for each region. It has curated contents for every country and manages media contents in more than 20 languages.

Period: 2018 – present

Frontend developer at Televisión Pública Argentina

Period: 2015 – 2018

Televisión Pública is Argentina’s largest (in size as in audience) public TV channel of the country. At this position, my work was mainly the frontend development. In the channel we worked a lot with several WordPress backends doing sites for specific TV programs and series. And since some time ago we are rebuilding the main site from scratch, using newer technologies like NodeJS, React and NextJS. 

Projects working here:

Complete TV Pública frontend renewal:

2018Building of a new backend and frontend for the channel’s main site and mobile apps. The backend now is a REST API consumed by a single page application.

My work: Frontend engineering, frontend technologies research and review

Technologies used: JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, NextJS, Webpack, Git

World Cup “Russia 2018” Argentine TV main site:

2018 | The public TV built the most visited video streaming site of Argentina during the Football World Cup where the public could watch the matches live.

My work: Football results data mining, Frontend development, Custom theme construction

Technologies: Data mining: NodeJs | Frontend: Sass, Gulp, Jquery, Twig template system, Timber, WordPress, Git.

Political campaigns in Twitter analysis for TV News Show:

2017 | In that year there was an important election in Argentina, so in this reportage, i tried to make a review of the participation tactics in social networks for each of the leading candidates running for senator. The full reportage could be read here.

My work: Ideation of the reportage, Data mining and Data analysis

Technologies used: Python, MongoDB, Twitter Streaming API, Tweepy, PyMongo

Cuéntame Cómo pasó (Tell me how it happened) – TV Series site:

2017 | Main site of the adaptation of the famous Spanish TV series “Cuéntame Como Pasó.” Here is my project bio.

My work: Frontend development, Custom theme construction, Graphic design of the site

Technologies: HTML 5, Sass, Gulp, JQuery, WordPress, Timber Library, Twig Template System, Git

Social media integration on TV:

2015, 2016 | Real-time social media data integration on big screens for live TV shows.

My work: Frontend development, parse data from social media APIs

Technologies used: PHP, JavaScript, Flowics social APIs

Programming professor at National University of José C. Paz:

Period: 2017 – now

Associate Professor of the subject Fundamentals of Programming in a national public institution located in Buenos Aires province. Teaching at two careers: Technician in informatics oriented to health management and Technician of audiovisual producing.

Depending on the class we work on Python or Processing (Java).

Fullstack developer (freelance):

Period: 2014 – 2016

My work: Fullstack development of web applications and integration with online payment API’s: PayPal and MercadoPago. Integrations with Google Maps API.

Technologies used: Backend: Python, Django Framework, MySQL. Frontend: Django template system, HTML5, CSS, JS.  Git, and Mercurial.

Frontend developer and UI Designer at MSA:

Period: 2012 – 2014

MSA is a leading company in Latin America in the field of e-vote and electoral processes solutions. My job there was related mainly to the UI development of touch e-vote machines used in several elections process in the region.  Integration with backends built with Python, Django Framework and Flask.

Projects working here:

E-vote machine interface implementation with web technologies

My work: Frontend development, UI Design

Technologies used: HTML, LessCss, JavaScript, Django Template Engine, Jinja Template Engine,.

Fullstack Developer:

Period: 2010 – 2012

My work: Fullstack development of e-commerce sites and internal accountant system. Implementation of external APIs Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Maps.

Technologies used: Backend: Python, Django Framework, MySQL. Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Git.

Fullstack Developer:

Period: 2007 – 2009

My  work: Design and development of CMS systems for local newspapers.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Side Projects or Tests:


Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

Techno-digital Arts at National University of Arts (UNA)

Coursework on:

Python, Django, Computer Science, JavaScript, NodeJS, React

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