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Solving Persistent Logouts in Google Chrome browser: The Unexpected Role of Ad Blockers

Have you ever experienced being logged out of your frequently used websites every time you close your browser? This issue can be frustrating, and while it may seem like a browser-related problem, the solution might be simpler than you think.

uBlock origin screenshot

In this post, I’ll share how an ad blocker extension was the culprit behind my constant logouts and how I resolved the issue.

Recently, I was struggling with an annoying problem: every time I closed my browser, I was logged out of most of the websites I use daily, such as GitHub and Reddit. I initially suspected that this issue was related to Chrome or the interaction between the browser and Ubuntu.

To find a solution, I scoured the internet and discovered various blog posts recommending checking the cookie settings and other configurations. However, none of these suggestions seemed to address my issue. Eventually, I discovered that the cause of my problem was much simpler.

In my case, the issue was related to the blocker extension I had installed: uBlock Origin. Surprisingly, this extension was not only blocking advertisement-related cookies but also non-advertisement ones, such as those from GitHub.

To resolve the problem, I simply disabled uBlock Origin on websites like GitHub, and voilà – no more constant logouts! While I haven’t yet delved deeper into the topic, I believe it might be possible to selectively block cookies on sites that include ads. However, for now, I am content with not having to log in again every time I restart my browser.

If you are facing similar issues with persistent logouts, it’s worth investigating whether your ad blocker extension might be the root cause. Disabling the ad blocker on specific websites could be the simple solution you’ve been looking for, allowing you to enjoy a seamless browsing experience.






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