Modern Fonts Stacks for WordPress Font Library

Modern Fonts Stacks for WordPress Font Library is a plugin that adds a font collection to provide users with the ability to install a modern system fonts stacks. It can be used new WordPress Font Library with Gutenberg >= 17.8 and/or WordPress >= 6.5.

The modern fonts stacks are a collection of CSS sytem font stacks. You can learn more about the project in it’s website.

To use these font stacks in WordPress you just need to download the plugin and install it After that Modern Fonts Stacks font collection will show up in the Font Library modal window.

I developed it while working on the new Font Library feature included in WordPress core 6.5. It was very useful during my development work to test system fonts and showcase the font library extensibility via font collections.

The plugin will be soon it will be available via the WordPress plugin repo so the manual download and install won’t be necessary anymore.

The plugin is already live in the WordPress plugin directory, you can install it from your WordPress site.

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